Modeling and simulation of projection contrast          NYC  June 2013
The structure of the NMoQ building being assembled          Doha  July 2013
Stage setup for preliminary contrast, projectors and screen tests          Paris  July 2013
Stakeholders, architects and engineers discuss measurements of actual contrast performance          Paris  July 2013
First test of multiple aligned and blended projectors displaying a single 4k x 2K image          Paris  Feb. 2014
Screening ACT III via multiple blended projectors on a full scale mock-up screen          Paris  Feb. 2014
Final alignment of projectors for the gallery 6L mock-up in warehouse. Each screen is 94 feet long x 20 feet tall          Doha  Sept. 2014
Aligning the projectors and media servers to the gallery 6Z simulation screens in warehouse          Doha  Dec. 2015
Fully aligned screens display half-resolution CGI motion test          Doha  Dec. 2015
Fine tuning the cut in gallery G6Z          Doha  April 2018
View through machine vision auto-alignment camera in museum gallery 3          Doha  Oct. 2017
Half resolution projection mapping of museum gallery 3 screens          Doha  Jan. 2018
23K x 2K color bars in museum gallery 3. This image not retouched or Photoshopped          Doha  Jan. 2018
Shooting test footage in the desert for the gallery 2 mock-up          Qatar  Nov. 2015
HD resolution stock footage used for preliminary testing of the gallery 2 mock-up in warehouse          Doha  Dec. 2015
Testing bespoke three 8K camera rig to be used for gallery 2 principle phtography          Paris  March 2017
Fine tuning the rough cut before presenting to stakeholders in museum gallery 5          Doha  Oct, 2017
Color correction of gallery 2 film on scale model at post production facility Nice Shoes          NYC  Sept. 2018
Projection mapping teh 10 meter tall "Kaleidoscope" sculpture in museum gallery 2          Doha  March 2018
Half resolution projection test onto the Kaleidoscope sculpture in museum gallery 2          Doha  March 2018
Real time color correction in gallery 2 through the screen mapping servers          Doha  March 2018
Real time editing in gallery 8 through the screen mapping servers          Doha  March 2018
Testing CGI in a scale mock up of gallery 1          Stockholm  August 2018
Presentation of the gallery 2 fine cut          Doha  August 2018
Presentation of the gallery 9 fine cut          Doha  August 2018

Creating the Art Films


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